149 USGE members at RCMP receiving affected notices

USGE members working for the RCMP have not been spared from the budgetary cuts exercise happening throughout the federal civil service. 149 members have been deemed affected and generic letters to that effect have been sent out. However, these members will also be receiving another letter advising them if their status is a result of a lack of work or discontinuance of a function, or a relocation of a work unit.

The identified cuts will be occurring at:

  • Public Service Pay Consolidation
  • Member Pay Consolidation
  • HR Efficiencies
    • Office for the Coordination of Grievances
    • Recruiting
    • Promotion
  • Records Management

USGE is pleased that the RCMP is working with us in a transparent manner and is focused on getting through this process without any job losses.

We are also working with this Employer to ensure that our members are taken care of, within the parameters set out in the Collective Agreement. The RCMP National Workforce Adjustment Committee has been meeting on a regular basis. Informal communications are also occurring between the RCMP Director of Labour Relations and the USGE National Office. USGE has also asked for the establishment of Regional WFA Committees and the RCMP has agreed.

We will continue to provide updates on this issue as we receive new information.