Communication to proceed with resolution of job content grievances

The USGE and CSC have been working together to come up with a working proposal to deal with the National Generic Work Descriptions. The following communiqué is the first step in this process. We believe the document is quite clear on how the Union and Management will be moving forward on this issue.

The Union of Solicitor General Employees (USGE) and the Correctional Service Canada (CSC) have reached an agreement on how to jointly proceed with the review of National Generic Work Descriptions (NGWD). The parties will be establishing joint working committees for each NGWD.

We have also reached agreement on transmitting all NGWD grievances to the third level and placing them in abeyance until the committees finalize their work. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement on a particular job description, the parties agree to continue with the grievance process and a hearing will proceed at the third level of the grievance process.

We are hoping to structure the working committees as follows and use teleconference or videoconference:

  • A USGE Regional Vice-President;
  • One USGE representative per region who is also an incumbent of the position being reviewed;
  • The CSC Manager/Functional Authority responsible for the position; and
  • A Labour Relations and Compensation Directorate representative (CSC LR).

Once USGE and CSC LR have identified and concluded preliminary meetings with the relevant Functional Authorities, the working committee process will proceed.

The parties agree to commence this work shortly and can assure affected employees that their comments and concerns regarding their work descriptions will be taken into account.

More details will be provided as we move forward in this process.