Communiqué from the RCMP Phase I

The RCMP has recently sent out another update communiqué on the DA review and what their plans are for moving ahead.

USGE, to say the least, is most displeased at the RCMP’s dragging of feet on this issue. While it would appear that we are finally going forward, there is still the problem with the recent Treasury Board Directive announcing that only current incumbents would get retroactive pay. USGE knows that, if the RCMP had not taken its time with the Review, our members would be getting what is owed to them. Furthermore, USGE is quite upset that this process has dragged along for as long as it has and doesn’t understand why, with all the work that has been done, our members cannot get any satisfaction until October 1.

That being said, members can read the recent communiqué below. USGE is not accepting the RCMP’s timeline and is certainly not accepting that our members not receive compensation for work performed. We are still in discussions with the RCMP and hope to have better news to report soon.

Communiqué from the RCMP Phase I:

The implementation phase of the National Detachment Clerk Review, is continuing across all regions. The four national generic work descriptions that were developed to encompass the duties performed by Detachment Services Assistants are being applied to work settings according to the guidelines provided.

After discussions with the national president of the Union of Solicitor General Employees Mr. John Edmunds, the Commissioner has directed Commanding Officers and Classification that the NDCR implementation will be given priority so that Phase I time frame will be completed by October 1st, 2010.

Once Phase I is completed, the project will move to Phase II which will look at some 400 administrative support positions in more specialized functions. Although the terms of reference have not yet been finalized, it is anticipated that these positions are located primarily in operational policing environments.

If there are any further questions on the implementation of Phase I, please address them to Insp. Sean Sullivan of the National Implementation Review Committee.