Consultations with the Employer

Occupational Group Structure Review

As part of the PA Renewal exercise being undertaken by the Treasury Board, various departments are providing the Union with updated Job Descriptions that will be mapped to the new PA Classification Standard.  We are seeking input from our members in those departments, who perform the applicable positions, to assist us in providing feedback on the accuracy of the content of the job descriptions.  Included with each group of job descriptions is a feedback form to guide members in the review, to ensure we are provided with the most pertinent and important information to aid in our consultation.

If your department and work classification has been identified, we invite you to provide your feedback by the stated deadlines to your RVP.

CSC Update – January 12, 2024

Please see the below Memorandum and documents for your review. As part of the policy development process, we are seeking your input.

Please provide your feedback to the Director of Labour Relations before 12pm on January 25, 2024.

CD 708 – Special Handling Unit (SHU)
Special Handling Unit: Procedures

CSC Update – October 25, 2023

PART 2 – CONSULTATION ON CD 711/ GL 711-4 711-5 711-6

Below find the remaining documents in the revised Structured Intervention Unit policy. Please provide your comments/feedback to the Director of Labour Relations by 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday, November 20, 2023.


CSC Update – October 5, 2023

The CSC, pursuant to its policy development process, is seeking the USJE’s input on the Commissioner’s Directive 711 (GL 711-1; 711-2; 711-3).

The Commissioner’s Directive 711 pertains to the Structured Intervention Units (SIU) and includes matters such as the transfers of inmates to and from the SIU. This is likely to affect the USJE membership including, but not limited to, MAIs, Parole Officers and staff working in the SIU.

We strongly urge you to review the proposed Commissioner’s Directive 711 and send your feedback/comments to your RVP. Feedback must be received by end of day Wednesday, October 18, 2023.


CSC Update – August 17

Ahead of the PA Classification Renewal Exercise, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has refreshed the WP group Standardized Job Descriptions (SJDs) in consultation with management.

CSC and Justice Update

USJE has received Job Descriptions from both the Department of Justice and CSC relating to the ongoing Occupational Group Structure Review process for the PA group. All members at Justice will find their new JD’s under that tab, we ask that you review the applicable job description, and provide your feedback to your RVP by July 7, 2023. For our CSC members in the WP category who work in Indigenous Initiatives, Health Services, and Women’s’ Corrections, you will also find your updated JDs in this group.

Treasury Board has undertaken a large-scale review of its classification standards and group structures – some of which date back as far as 1965 – in an effort to harmonize the compensation and recognition of work done by members of the Public Service, and to better align working groups by commonalities.  Part of this exercise involves the review and updating of all job descriptions within a current bargaining group.

The process to complete the Occupational Group Structure for the PA group has been postponed until October 2024. USJE has requested from the employers we represent to provide us with the proposed job descriptions for consultation with the membership as the process continues.

To assist USJE in our efforts to ensure that your job descriptions are accurate and truly reflective of the important work you do, we will need help from you, our members!  

Already completed (CSC):

  • Institutional Environmental Officer
  • Project Officer
  • Project Supervisor
  • Senior Project Officer
  • Project Team Leader
  • Project Advisor
  • Project Manager
  • Victim Services (NAT-2143)
  • Regional Manager Victim Services (NAT-2142)
  • Executive Officer (AC Office)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant (DG RDG)
  • Executive Assistant (AD RD)
  • Administrative Services Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Support Assistant
  • Project Assistant (AS-01)
  • Project Analyst (AS-02)
  • Project Coordinator (AS-03)

We anticipate receiving additional standardized job descriptions in the near future, in the AS group (04-07), and the WP group.  Your RVP may also reach out to you directly for feedback, your participation is extremely valuable and appreciated.