Convention Daily Recap – July 21, 2023

Georgina Dan and Christian Lavaine from the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre opened the last day of the National Convention by performing two songs for the delegates, the groundhog song and the killer whale song. Georgina pronounced a traditional welcome and warm words of godspeed for this last day of Convention in the Ucwalmicwts language.

Debates and resolutions

Debate concerning the establishment of a USJE National Strike Fund was vigorous. 

The resolution “BE IT RESOLVED THAT A USJE Strike Fund, and accompanying levy, be established in the By-laws” was carried. The members voted in favour of setting up a National Strike Fund that will levy the amount of $5.000.000 for use during any future strike through contributions of $5 per member per month. 

The following bylaws were debated. However, neither were successful.

6- BE IT RESOLVED THAT USJE Bylaw 10 (Convention), Section 15 be created and read: “Speeches shall be limited to 3 minutes, except at Triennial convention for the elections of USJE National Presidents and National Vice-Presidents, where four minutes shall be allotted.” Not carried

3- BE IT RESOLVED THAT USJE Bylaw 7, Section 3 (a) be amended to include the following: “A Local may, by two-thirds majority vote at a General Meeting, add additional positions to their Executive, which are not included in this list. These positions shall not be duplications or co- holdings of existing positions.” Not carried

All unfinished business General resolutions was moved to be dealt with at the next NEM. 2 General Resolutions were debated before adjournment:

Resolution 35 – Amended to include the rates specific to the Yukon, the North-West Territories and Nunavut. Carried unanimously.

Resolution 45 – contained a proposal to hold a regular USJE National Women’s conference. Many Delegates expressed concerns about the costing, a standing vote was overseen by the Chair, and the motion was ultimately defeated

As last item, the newly elected and re-elected RVPs took their oath of office. 

USJE’s next National Triennial Convention will take place in Québec City in 2026.