CSC’s National Attendance Management Program (NAMP)

In an attempt to rein in spiraling HR costs and perceived abuses of sick leave by employees, CSC introduced a National Attendance Management Program (NAMP). USGE has and continues to object to this national program and has cautioned the employer on its implementation. The language contained in our collective agreements provides the employer with the necessary authority to manage sick leave usage by USGE members. It also gives managers the authority to deal with employees who may be abusing the system. This blanket policy is unnecessary and simply caused distress and concern to members who follow the rules and utilize their sick leave credits for legitimate reasons. USGE has advised our members that should they be directed to attend a meeting under this program that they request accompaniment by a union representative.

It is USGE’s position that CSC’s National Attendance Management Program (NAMP) is discriminatory in nature and violates our collective agreements. We urge members who are directed to participate in this program to file the following grievance:

Details of the Grievance

I grieve the employer’s violation of :

  1. the No Discrimination article of my collective agreement;
  2. the Sick Leave With Pay article of my collective agreement; and/or the Leave with Pay for Family-Related Responsibilities article of my collective agreement; and
  3. all other relevant articles of my collective agreement.

Corrective Action Requested

I request that the employer immediately cease and desist in its discriminatory practice of using the National Attendance Management Program (NAMP).

I further request that:

  • I be awarded compensation in the amount of $20,000 for pain and suffering;
  • I be awarded compensation in the amount of $20,000 for the employer’s wilful and reckless discriminatory practice; and
  • I receive full reimbursement for all lost wages, benefits, expenses and interest that have resulted from this discriminatory practice;
  • Any documentation or references in relation to this practice be immediately purged from my personnel file in my presence and/or that of my union representative;
  • I be made whole.

Documentation Required

The member will be required to prepare a document listing the ground(s) that should be argued under the violation of the No-Discrimination article and provide the relevant information that supports the grievance. This document should be given to the Union Representative to use when representing on the grievance at the various levels of the grievance procedure. It is NOT to be attached to the grievance form.

Finally, we would also encourage our members who face threats of discipline or are subjected to disciplinary measures to contact their union representative who will assist them in filing the necessary grievances.