Deadline: Oct 23rd — Labour College of Canada Certificate Program

Message from Robyn Benson to all PSAC members (including USGE members)

The Labour College of Canada has been restructured after a four-year hiatus. I hope that you will distribute information about the College as broadly as possible and encourage activists to apply. Members will also receive information through a posting on the website and through email distribution lists in their regions.

Detailed information on program dates, course descriptions and the application form can be found on the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) website at

lt should be noted that the Labour College of Canada Certificate Program will be held in English and, as such, promotion and application materials are available in English only. The Collège FTQ-Fonds is offered, in French, to members based in Québec. Please refer to the website for upcoming course dates.

Application Process

Deadline for applications is October 23, 2017. Applications are available on-line at

Members are to submit their completed applications directly to the Labour College of Canada. The Labour College’s Board of Governors will determine whether applicants meet the national standards and then forward the vetted applications to the PSAC for review and selection.

Please note that, though the application asks for a letter of recommendation, the PSAC has an agreement with the Labour College that a letter is not required for PSAC applicants. The absence of a letter of recommendation will not adversely affect the members’ application in any way. Once applications are passed along to the PSAC for final vetting, Component Presidents and REVPs will be consulted regarding individual applicants.


CLC affiliates are responsible for fully financing their members at a cost of approximately $16,000 per student. PSAC will provide up to 5 full scholarships for the 15-month program beginning in January 2018. lf you have any questions please contact Victoria Gibb-Carsley, National Education Program Officer at or (613) 560-5476.

In Solidarity,

Robyn Benson
PSAC National President