Dues Increase and Setting Up of USJE National Strike Fund

USJE wishes to inform members of some important decisions that were made at the recent USJE National Triennial Convention held in Whistler from July 18th – 21st 2023. This includes an upcoming dues increase and the establishment of the USJE National Strike Fund.

This dues increase will allow us to expand our activity on issues related to advancing equity and diversity objectives, strengthening USJE’s commitment to the health and safety of our members, and investing in several strategic USJE-led campaigns so that we can effectively advocate on key priorities identified by USJE’s members at the Convention.

How are dues calculated?

All members belong to a local, which may have a local dues rate (adopted at its annual general meeting). All locals are affiliated with a Component (USJE), which has a dues rate that is adopted at the Component’s triennial convention. And finally, each Component is affiliated with PSAC, which has a rate that is adopted at the national triennial convention. All dues rates are democratically decided.

On behalf of the National Executive, we wish to provide as much advance notice as possible that effective January 1, 2024, USJE’s union dues will increase from 0.6946% to 0.7179%. Additionally, delegates voted in favour of a resolution to establish a National Strike Fund in the amount of $5 million dollars for use during any future strike. This fund will require contributions of $5 per member per month. Members will see their first levy deduction and adjusted dues deduction in January 2024.

Please note that the levy to fund the $5 million dollars will cease once that amount has been reached. We anticipate accumulating those funds approximately by October 2028 should the fund not be utilized in the interim.

In regard to RCMP Civilian Members, USJE is working with the Employer to begin collecting dues as of November 1, although the employer has informed us they may not be able to operationalize the dues payments effective that date. We will be sharing additional information as it gets confirmed.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.

In Solidarity,

David Neufeld