Equity Committee selection announcement

USJE was thrilled to see that so many members from across Canada expressed an interest in serving on this Committee. This remarkable show of enthusiasm from Coast to Coast to Coast is proof of the paramount importance of all matters relating to equity to USJE members. In its selections, USJE took into account regional and linguistic diversity, as well as ensuring representation from a broad range of equity-deserving groups.

USJE’s National Equity Committee will be comprised of eight of members from across the country – in addition to the Chair and Co-Chair of the committee. There was also a need to select alternates so that the committee can remain fully active and responsive throughout the mandate.

Ultimately, the National President, in consultation with the committee chair, RVP Shauna Ward, and committee co-chair Kirk McIntosh, selected the following members of the committee:

CSC Pacific – Laura Wildly
RCMP Pacific – Shari Scheifele
CSC Prairies – Tonya Missens
RCMP Ontario – Tracy Coates
CSC Ontario – Joe Brathwaite
OIC NCR – Kevin Kakonge
RCMP Québec – Nawel Dendani
CSC Atlantic – Valerie Richardson

The following applicants were also identified as alternates:

IOC NCR – Burcu Gürkan
RCMP Québec – Annie Lacombe
CSC Pacific – Gerald Bent    

USJE thanks all who submitted a nomination for the Committee and extends its congratulations to individuals who have been selected.