Information picket at La Macaza 

On April 24, 2024, in front of the La Macaza penitentiary, members of USJE and UCCO-SACC-CSN braved the cold weather and led an information picket for unionized employees.  

For the past three quarters, employees have not received their transportation assistance allowance, even though corrections workers in the region are currently eligible for the allowance. La Macaza is located in Québec’s Laurentian region, 200 km north of Montréal. 

For months, management has been dragging its feet on this issue, despite multiple interventions by local union representatives. The employer’s negligence contravenes the Directive on Commuting Assistance. 

This is compounded by the problems associated with the Phoenix pay system disaster affecting many members. The two unions are calling for a rapid resolution to the situation.