It’s Scholarship Time at USJE!

If you are a USJE member in post-secondary studies or have a child, spouse, partner, or dependent going to college or university, USJE is offering a total of six scholarships this year. The deadline for all scholarships is Tuesday, February 1, 2023.

All members in good standing are eligible for any of the six scholarships, while the spouses, partners, children and dependents of members in good standing are also eligible for the Louise Pargeter, Lynn Ray and/or Diane Leduc-Doran scholarships.

Please note that certain restrictions apply to specific scholarships. For the Louise Pargeter scholarships, preference will be given to applicants enrolled in the fields of psychology, criminology, sociology or social work. For the Danielle Belleau scholarship, the applicant must be 30 years of age or older.

This year USJE is accepting applications in which the main question can be answered using a variety of creative formats. Applicants can submit an essay (800 words), a video, an infographic, a song, or any other innovative format will be considered.

Please head to the scholarship section of the USJE website to find out more about our scholarships and/or to apply.