Member safety remains top priority for USGE

Following the incident that occurred on Friday, February 12th, 2016, at the Dorchester Penitentiary (New Brunswick), USGE is reiterating its commitment to ensuring USGE member safety. 

On February 12th, a parole officer, and USGE member, was assaulted by an inmate while escaping the Dorchester Penitentiary (minimum security sector). Subsequently, the inmate was apprehended by police and is now back in custody.  

While our USGE member was released from hospital on the 12th and is presently recovering at home, USGE remains extremely concerned about this incident. 

We know that many of our members work in very dangerous environments and are committed to ensuring that our members have the safest possible working conditions. 

To that end, USGE Regional Vice President (CSC – Atlantic), Jeannette Manuel-Allain will be meeting with Local Executive members on Thursday, February 18, to discuss possible safety measures that can be proposed to the employer for immediate implementation. 

In addition, USGE will carefully monitor the investigation into the Dorchester incident. USGE strongly suggests that members let the investigation take its course and avoid drawing any premature conclusions before knowing all the facts. 

USGE elected officials, at all levels, will work closely with our members, and CSC management, to ensure that all relevant policies and procedures are reviewed and modified, if necessary. 

In the meantime, any messages of support can be sent to and they will be forwarded to our member in NB.