National Executive

The USJE National Executive is comprised of a full-time National President, a National Vice-President and 17 Regional Vice-Presidents (RVPs).

The National Executive is our union’s governing body between National Triennial Conventions. Executive officers are themselves USJE members, directly elected by grassroots delegates at Convention.

The National Vice-President is elected from amongst the RVPs and, of course, casts only one vote at National Executive meetings.

Regional Vice-Presidents represent both specific groups of USJE members and defined geographical regions of the country.

The National Executive meets a minimum of twice a year to oversee the operation of the union and ensure it remains accountable to the membership. As required, the National President may also convene a National Executive conference call to deal with urgent or unanticipated events. More information on the authority of the National Executive can be found in Bylaw 6 of the USJE Bylaws.

Contact List for USJE National Executive