National Generic Work Description and Classification review of CSC, CR-03 positions

Following a long struggle with CSC on behalf of our members currently classified at the CR-03 level, John Edmunds, USGE National President was finally able to have the commitment of CSC Commissioner Don Head to reclassify these members at a CR-04 level under the current classification standards.

The process to implement this agreement is well underway. All final documents and mapping of positions were issued to the regions for sign off/confirmation and they had to be returned to CSC NHQ Classification section no later than June 29th. This confirmation has been done. The next step is now fine-tuning the mapping of positions to the right generic work descriptions. Once that is done, classification notices will be issued very shortly thereafter. Generic Statements of Merit criteria have been prepared as employees who are due to receive a reclassification upwards must be assessed by their manager against the SMC (a paper evaluation is sufficient) which is customary for reclassifications.

CSC is working diligently to meet these next steps and is expecting to complete this whole reclassification before September 2012. USGE National Office is continuously monitoring the situation and we will post another article on our webpage as other steps in the process are finalized.