National Indigenous Peoples Day: Decolonizing our union

June 21 is an occasion to celebrate Indigenous history, culture, and diversity, as well as the many contributions of Indigenous peoples to Canada. For non-Indigenous Canadians, and for organizations like PSAC, it’s also an opportunity to reflect on our history and to recognize the untruths in the settler’s perspective so we can learn how to decolonize our organizations and communities in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. 

Decolonization is a critical step towards building a society that recognizes and values the contributions of Indigenous peoples in Canada. This work is closely linked to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, which lays out concrete steps for how to repair harm and move forward with healing. That’s why we’re releasing our Decolonizing Labour fact sheet in honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day. We hope you’ll take time to learn more and share it with your coworkers and friends. 

You can also watch the recording of our national panel on Decolonization and Labour, held on June 13 to discuss decolonization in the labour community and the steps members can take to support this work. 

PSAC has made a commitment to our members to put Truth and Reconciliation and decolonization at the centre of our work. In the spirit of reconciliation, and in collaboration with Indigenous communities, we’ve launched Still Thirsty for Justice, our continued campaign to demand safe, clean water for all. It’s long past time for action and to demand justice for Indigenous Peoples.  

We’ve also been putting Indigenous issues at the forefront of our collective bargaining year-round. On June 28, we’ll host a national panel on supporting Indigenous members at the bargaining table. Register now to participate in the discussion about bargaining demands that support Indigenous members, and how we can work together to advance Indigenous workers’ rights at the bargaining table.