National President David Neufeld and RVP Nicole Gibson meet members in Whitehorse to talk about issues in the North and USJE’s support for Locals

National President David Neufeld and Yukon Regional Vice-President Nicole Gibson flew to Whitehorse last week to see firsthand how members are doing during the Covid pandemic and the issues they face working in the North.

They met members at Local Y0118 RCMP Yukon at the Whitehorse detachment on Thursday, April 21 and spoke about the March release of the Detachment Services Assistant (DSA) Report looking at the mental health and wellbeing of DSAs. The USJE Political Action Committee would like DSAs to hand deliver this report to their MPs and talk to them in person about the impact their work has on them.

In the hybrid meeting, which was a combination of three members in person and five more attending virtually, David and Nicole gave updates on three USJE campaigns – New Normal, Keeping the RCMP in Alberta, and Presumptive Injury – encouraged them to attend the National President Virtual Town Halls in May, and spoke about the upcoming National Local President’s Meeting, June 7 and 8.

The following day, David and Nicole met with six members of Local YA118 Yukon Justice / Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) at their PPSC office to hear about their working conditions. The members were very interested in discussing how the union could help them address issues in the workplace, expressing that they would like to have a strong Local. A new Labour–Management Consultation Committee (LMCC) has been struck and a member has stepped up to represent workers at those meetings.

David and Nicole then went to the one-person Yukon Territory Parole Sub-Office to meet the USJE member, who is part of Local 20086 Vancouver CSC Community Parole. They discussed her working conditions and issues she faced working alone in a Community Parole Office. She was pleased they had taken the time to visit her and told them she was very satisfied with the resources available in her community for offenders.

USJE members will have an opportunity to hear David speak and ask him questions about the work he has been doing on your behalf at our two National President Virtual Town Halls. Register for the Prairies/ BC session on May 17 or the Ontario/ Quebec/ Atlantic session on May 18.

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