New USJE Podcast Union Safety Net coming this month 

That’s right! As suggested by a USJE member at the last Triennial Convention in Whistler, BC, we are launching Union Safety Net, your exciting monthly USJE podcast!  

Union Safety Net | Le filet de sécurité syndical is a union podcast for working people.  

Each month, we dive into the issues facing workers across Canada and talk to experts and special guests to make sense of it all. 

This podcast’s primary goal is to communicate with Canadian workers and elected officials in a direct, conversational, timely way and fill the current void in the absence of Canadian labour podcasts. 

Hear timely conversations that will address topics relevant to the Canadian labour movement and USJE members through invited guests including politicians, subject matter experts, etc. Stay informed and up-to-date on all aspects of union life in Canada. Participate in Union Safety Net by proposing a topic of particular interest to you!  

The first episode of The Safety Net will be made available later this month. Available wherever you get your podcasts and also on all of our social media platforms.