No site too small: National President visits RCMP detachment in Kitchener

On October 6, National President David Neufeld, RVP Bella Skalin and Local 00060 President Tracy Coates held a meet and greet with three USJE members from the RCMP detachment in Kitchener, ON. The intimate setting gave President Neufeld and RVP Skalin a unique opportunity to speak one-on-one with members. 

After brief introductions, RVP Skalin spoke about PA conversions and the project status with the RCMP. She explained that job descriptions must be accurate going forward, to ensure our RCMP members are protected in the future. Current job description consultations can be found here

RVP Skalin also answered questions about specific DSA issues such as the employer’s push for business credit cards that affect a DSA’s personal credit, the offloading of CJIM document inputting to detachments and the associated grievances, and overall staffing concerns. 

President Neufeld outlined USJE’s relationship with PSAC, and the need for USJE’s new National Strike Fund to ensure USJE is prepared for future strikes. He also spoke about USJE’s Presumptive Injury campaign, and how Bill C-357  has the potential to change l the Government Employees Compensation Act and include certain public safety personnel (USJE members) for presumptive coverage under worker’s compensation across Canada. He fielded questions about strike contributions for essential workers, USJE’s post-strike survey, and workplace and safety concerns. 

USJE would like to thank member Angie Blanchard for her leadership in assisting with this meeting, and the Kitchener detachment for providing a private space to gather.  

Members who have workplace questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to their RVP or Local President for assistance.