Phoenix issues continue: More overpayment letters and filing claims

We are in the second year of the government’s aggressive and heavy-handed plan to recover overpayments caused by Phoenix. The government’s rushed overpayment plan took more than 10,000 federal public service workers by surprise last year and has caused incredible hardship for workers. Over the next few months, we expect more than 37,000 more current and former public service workers will receive an overpayment letter, asking for repayments for the year 2017.

For more information you can head to PSAC’s article: Phoenix overpayments: more letters expected this year, and how PSAC is taking action (February 20, 2023)

We also want to remind members who have suffered personal or financial consequences due to Phoenix, whether they are current or former employees or the estate representative of a deceased member, that they can still make claims for the hardship they suffered.   

For more information you can head to PSAC’s article: Reminder: there is still time to file claims due to Phoenix impacts (February 24, 2023)

Please note that If you need more information or support with Phoenix issues you can always visit the USJE website’s Phoenix section or contact your Local President. If they are not able to help, please contact your Regional Vice President or email us at