Policy Grievance filed by PSAC — RCMP

The PSAC has filed a policy grievance against the RCMP, pursuant to Section 220 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

The details of the grievance are below:

The Bargaining Agent grieves the RCMP’s contravention of article 2.1.1, 2.1.2 and 2.1.4 of the Workforce Adjustment Appendix (WFAA) and all related articles in the collective agreement between the PSAC and the Treasury Board (expiry June 20, 2014).

The RCMP has breached the WFAA by failing to consult with the Bargaining Agent as completely as possible and by refusing to make available to the Bargaining Agent the name and work location of affected employees. The affected positions include 70 positions in pay and compensation involved in Regular Member and Civilian Member pay and 18 positions from the anticipated closing of Forensic labs. These positions are in the CR and AS classifications.

Corrective Action

The Bargaining Agent seeks:

  1. a declaration that the employer has breached the WFAA;
  2. an order that the employer cease and desist from its ongoing violation of the collective agreement;
  3. an order that the employer provide to the PSAC forthwith the names and work locations of affected employees;
  4. an order that the employer provide proper notification to the Chief Executive Officer of the PSAC;
  5. an order that the employer issue affected letters to the employees concerned;
  6. placement of any such order above on the personnel file of the Deputy Head of the department responsible for the breach of the WFAA.

Any other relief as the PSAC may request and deemed just in the circumstances.