The USJE democratically maintains and improves the professional, economic and personal lives of our members.

Recognizing the diversity and challenges within our membership, we, as an organization, will abide by and be accountable for the following values and guidelines:

  • Uphold union principles;
  • Develop strong, effective and efficient locals by providing consistent direction and knowledgeable representation;
  • Be responsive to change;
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect;
  • Provide fair and effective representation;
  • Engage in honest, effective communication and advice;
  • Endeavour to solve problems at the lowest level;
  • Collectively promote timely communication in the handling of complaints and issues in the workplace;
  • Ensure transparency in all areas of union involvement.

Application of these guiding principles will establish the framework for the membership to determine the direction and future development of the USJE.