PSAC not calling on members to boycott National Public Service Week

On April 20th, Robyn Benson, National President of the PSAC, informed all components and regional executives that PSAC is not calling for members to boycott this year’s National Public Service Week, taking place June 10-16, 2018.

In previous years, the PSAC has asked members to boycott all related activities, in response to a failure on the part of the Conservative federal government to respect the union, as well as a failure to achieve Collective Agreements for our members.

However, the Alliance Executive Committee decided at their April meeting that they would not be asking members to boycott the week this June. 

In the memorandum, Robyn explained the rationale for withdrawing the boycott as follows:

We want our members to be recognized for the important work that they do for Canadians. Activities during National Public Service week are one small form of recognition. Of course, we also want our members’ work recognized with correct and on time pay; better benefits and safe and decent working conditions. We will continue to fight to make this a reality for all.

Robyn added that the PSAC would be producing stickers for members that still want to spread a message about the Phoenix pay system, which continues to affect the financial well-being of USJE members.

USJE hopes that participation in the week will show members that their work to keep Canadians safe is recognized and valued. We acknowledge that this recognition is one important issue for our members and that there are many others. USJE will continue to fight for other key issues as well, including the importance of our members being compensated fairly and in a timely manner for all that they do!