Raising the issues that impact our members with New Brunswick opposition MP

Regional Vice-President Carol Osborne met with Conservative MP John Williamson in St. Stephen, NB to discuss USJE and the 18 departments we represent. Williamson is the MP for New Brunswick Southwest.

The meeting gave RVP Osborne the opportunity to raise member concerns with the MP, including issues affecting our Parole Board, RCMP, Public Prosecutions and Correctional Service members, to name a few. Mr. Williamson expressed an interest in visiting the Parrtown Community Correctional Centre to get a first-hand look at working conditions for our members.

They also discussed the Deficit Reduction Action Plan that lead to the removal of the Community Corrections Liaison Officer positions across the country. RVP Osborne explained the role they play in working with the Case Management Teams and in keeping Canadians safe. 

Our RVP also raised the topic of public sector bargaining and reminded MP Williamson of the issues we are raising at the table as we attempt to bargain a fair contract. 

Finally, the two discussed the Treasury Board’s directive for a return to the office. MP Williamson agreed that advising employees ten days before the holidays was not fair, and that there should have been consultation with the unions. RVP Osborne reiterated that Public Service Employees have worked hard for Canadians throughout the pandemic and that we can continue to deliver excellent job performance outside of the office structure. She emphasized the connection between recruitment and a satisfactory working environment, advising him that many workers are leaving the public service to opt for jobs that offer a better work/life balance.