RCMP Civilian Members: Take our bargaining survey  

PSAC is consulting with RCMP Civilian Members (CM) in order to better represent them as they transition into the federal public service.  

As part of that broader consultation process, which includes national townhall meetings, PSAC is conducting a survey for CMs who are pay-matched or touch-pointed in the PA, TC, EB and SV classifications and are represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Union of Safety and Justice Employees. 

This confidential bargaining questionnaire will help us gain a deeper understanding of the membership’s concerns and aspirations. This insight will be instrumental in guiding our efforts to represent you and secure a good agreement. 

After a pause due to the employer’s unwillingness to meaningfully negotiate, the bargaining team met with Treasury Board and RCMP representatives February 7 to continue talks. 

PSAC remains committed to addressing the differences between CMs’ terms and conditions of employment with the RCMP and those contained in the collective agreements of the federal public service. This includes protecting the current CM entitlements while ensuring members have access to the same workplace protections contained within Treasury Board collective agreements, including the grievance process. 

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.