Reporting attendance while on strike

Many members have received messaging from their managers that they need to “check in” daily during a strike, by phone, email, text, or other means.

You do not need to do so!

While the Employer has the right to monitor and manage attendance (Article 25.03 of the PA Collective Agreement – all TBS agreements have similar provisions), this only applies when the Collective Agreement is in force. So, yes, they can make you report your attendance in the days leading up, or in the days following a return, but when you are on strike, the Collective Agreement does not apply and you are under no obligation to “check in” with management. 

If you have an Essential Services letter with a Code 2 or Code 3, you do need to provide your employer with a way to contact you, in case they need to call you in. Code 2s can only be called in to replace Code 1s listed on their essential letters, whereas Code 3s must meet specified conditions to be called in. If you are a Code 3 and your manager is calling you in, ask them to send you an email with the reason you are being called. If that reason is not one that was agreed-to by the union, and is not urgent, you can remain at the registration point at the entrance until the issue is resolved. If there are questions, your Strike Captain, Picket Captain, or RVP should immediately contact USJE National Office.

Be safe, be loud, and stand strong!