RVP Carol Osborne concludes Kingston visits ahead of Spring NEM 2024

On March 26 and 27, RVP Carol Osborne visited USJE Local 00078 in Kingston, Ontario, for site visits at the Kingston Parole Office, Greater Ontario and Nunavut District Office and Henry Traill Community Correctional Centre and later attended the Local’s AGM.

Topics discussed involved issues of staffing, the Phoenix pay nightmare and the Canada Life insurance plan.

At the AGM, RVP Osborne chaired the election for a new Local President. Former Secretary of the Local, James Doughty was elected as Local President by acclamation.

RVP Osborne was pleased to meet members in-person and was thus able to provide updates on USJE’s national Presumptive Injury Campaign and Bill C-357. The Private Member’s Bill contains all the changes to the Government Employees Compensation Act (GECA) wished by USJE to properly address the mental health risks inherent to the public safety positions occupied by our membership.

USJE’s sustained outreach efforts to its membership and the wider Canadian public were presented by RVP Osborne who encouraged members to follow the USJE and PSAC websites, the varied presence on Social Media platforms, and to pay close attention to the Union Safety Net, the brand new USJE Podcast. Members were reminded that these communications tools were designed to promote their stories and their needs and never to hesitate to propose topics for discussion.

RVP Osborne had the chance to announce that new USJE National Equity Committee Members were recently appointed and that the region’s own Joe Brathwaite now sits on the Equity committee. Joe is a member from the Central Ontario District, and from the CSC Community/PBC (East) caucus.

On a further note of internal utility, RVP Osborne reminded members of the importance of ensuring that USJE/PSAC has the correct personal emails on file for all members, as this is how information is shared quickly to the membership. This applies to all members wherever they are in Canada. Please make sure your close colleagues and you have communicated a valid and functioning email address to USJE.

Phoenix Pay debacle updates were also communicated with RVP Osborne reminding members of the deadline of April 30, 2024 to submit an objection to the CRA for the Phoenix damages. She clarified that current members submit for the 2021 tax year, where retiree and former employees submit for the 2022 tax year.

After the meeting was adjourned, those that were in attendance stayed to catch up and acknowledged that it had been 1 year since the shooting on the property of Collins Bay Institution/Henry Traill CCC on March 24. Members, the Commissionaire and other CSC staff on site responded to assist the victim, who was shot multiple times. They spoke about the impact and how they did not hesitate to rush out to respond. This highlighted the risk to Correctional Service Canada employees and USJE members.

“The courage, bravery and pride shown by these members was clear in listening to their story. As their colleague and RVP, I am proud of the work our members do for Public Safety. It reinforces why I choose to work for CSC and why I am also a USJE Representative. #ProudRVP”