RVP Jeff Sandelli discusses public safety and the invaluable role of UJSE workers with Winnipeg MP Raquel Dancho, Shadow Minister for Public Safety

On July 22, Regional Vice-President, CSC Community – PBC (West), Jeff Sandelli met with Conservative MP Raquel Dancho (Kildonan—St. Paul) to discuss the crucial front-line work of USJE members that contributes directly to public safety. Dancho was appointed Shadow Minister for Public Safety and vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security in November 2021.

After an introduction to USJE and the diverse front-line public safety positions held by members, it was explained how the “behind the scenes” work by USJE members contributes to public safety without the acknowledgement that traditional front-line workers receive. She was provided with examples of a number of the positions held by our membership across the varied departments.

Sandelli and Dancho spoke about the Federal Framework to Reduce Recidivism. Significant dialogue focused on the over-representation of Indigenous and racialized groups in the correctional system. Sandelli stressed the invaluable work undertaken by USJE members in this area, the impact of untenable caseloads and expectations on these workers, as well as the lack of funding and resources allocated.

One consequence of this lack of funding is increased Occupational Stress Injuries for USJE members. USJE is currently lobbying the federal government to make changes to presumptive injury definitions so that our trauma-injured members may be covered by presumptive injury legislation. Dancho was informed of the campaign, indicated interest, and noted that it has the potential to be presented to the entire Manitoba Conservative Party caucus.

We thank MP Dancho for her time and look forward to further developing our relationship.

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