Union Bashing at its Finest

Staff Relations Representatives (SRRs) at the RCMP continue to attack the credibility and integrity of public service employees in their latest misguided attempts to bring the so-called facts to their civilian members on the Category of Employee (COE) issue. To say that converting civilian member positions to the public service category could threaten public safety is not only ludicrous but denigrates all public service employees who provide services to Canadians in all walks of life.

The latest bulletin suggests that if civilian members “don’t match up all the criteria exactly, then BANG! You’re gone.” This statement is nothing more than fearmongering at its finest. The RCMP has never released regular members or civilian members because of a change in category. This bulletin also suggests that it is the unions exerting pressure on the RCMP to move forward on the COE issue.

What the SRRs fail to remind you of is that they were part of the COE Committee in 1995. They consulted and agreed to the definitions, as did the unions. It was only during the implementation stage of the review that they showed any opposition.

What USGE finds very interesting is that most civilian member wage increases are based on what the unions negotiate for their members. Civilian members received equal pay for work of equal value because the unions fought long and hard for it, not because the SRRs negotiated it. When convenient, and when a promotion is involved, civilian members want our members’ jobs. Yet, somehow, the SRRs would want you to believe that being a public service employee is degrading. Their actions of late are appalling and cause nothing more than friction and dissension in the workplace.

One point in the SRR bulletin, though, is correct — “It’s about doing the right thing here!” and USGE will continue to do its part to ensure the COE definitions are applied correctly so this issue can be put to rest once and for all.

“If the SRRs really want public service unions to ‘exert their muscles’, we will be more than happy to oblige” quotes John Edmunds, USGE National President.