Union dues for RCMP civilian members began on April 3, 2024

RCMP and Treasury Board have confirmed that the deduction of union dues for RCMP civilian members began on April 3, 2024.

The bulk of PSAC dues are allocated to negotiate strong collective agreements, adjudicate grievances filed by members against their employers, and provide education courses on a wide range of topics for members. In addition, dues are spent on communication, political action (such as lobbying all levels of government for legislation that benefits workers) and organizing initiatives. More information is available here.  

Dues percentage rates are calculated against the first salary step in members’ classification – not actual salary – and are not applied against overtime or bonuses.

Dues rates for civilian members are as follows:

  • Monthly PSAC dues of 0.9593% of salary, plus $1.00 per month towards the PSAC strike fund.
  • Monthly USJE dues of 0. 7179% of salary, plus $5.00 per month towards the USJE strike fund.
  • Monthly Local dues levied at $3.00 per month.

Note that in order to simplify the process, Treasury Board collects Local dues on a weighted average. Each Local has the ability to set their own monthly dues rate at their annual general membership meeting and as such the rate is different for each Local. PSAC performs a calculation on the average and remits the correct amount back to each Local. This places less stress on the Pay Center, while ensuring the correct amount is collected by the employer.