USGE hosts pizza lunch for pay centre employees

On August 30th, 2017, USGE National President Stan Stapleton, Regional Vice-President Lynette Robinson, Acting Regional Vice-President Laurie Ann Wesselby and a group of USGE volunteers from Miramichi Firearms, the Atlantic Institution and Dorchester Institution hosted a pizza lunch for the 745 employees of the Pay Centre in Miramichi, NB to thank them for their hard work throughout the Phoenix pay debacle. Hundreds of Pay Centre employees came out to the event.

The employees of the Miramichi Pay Office have shown incredible resilience and dedication while dealing with many difficult situations. USGE wanted to show all Pay Centre employees that we recognize their effort, and appreciate all that they do.

The Pay Centre employees and Government Services Union (GSU) members were appreciative of the lunch and posted appreciative comments on our USGE Facebook page. USGE wanted to share our appreciation of the work of our Brothers and Sisters at GSU and the event seems to have done just this. Thanks to all who volunteered and all who joined us for the pizza lunch!