USGE looks forward to working with new government

The Union of Solicitor General Employees (USGE) welcomes the opportunity to work with Canada’s newly elected 42nd Parliament. In particular, we are eager to promote better understanding among government and opposition MPs regarding the valuable work USGE members do in keeping Canadians safe and secure. 

With 16,000 members from coast to coast to coast, and four thousand in the National Capital Region, our members serve as parole officers, RCMP detachment assistants, investigators and clerks, among others, who play key roles in law enforcement, public safety and human rights.

“It is my hope that this newly elected government will work with us to ensure the safety and security of Canadians,” said Stan Stapleton, National President, USGE. 

“We want to ensure that sufficient resources and the appropriate legal framework are in place to support the rehabilitation of federal offenders, as well as the safety of hundreds of thousands of people who are served by RCMP detachments throughout the country” he continued. 

“USGE is also committed to ensuring that the Offices of the Privacy, Information, Federal Judicial Affairs, and Elections, Commissioners where many of our members work, are able to properly fulfill their mandates,” said David Neufeld, National Vice President. 

USGE’s sixteen Regional Vice Presidents will be gathering in Ottawa in the coming months to develop a set of public safety proposals for the federal government. 

“We want our members to work in conditions which enable them to be as effective as possible, thereby promoting the safety and security of all Canadians” said Stapleton.