USGE’s attempt at proactivity being thwarted by Harper government

* April 3 Update – The CSC has agreed to meet with Brother Edmunds on April 4 *

The USGE National Office has received a number of calls from members asking for further information on possible cuts coming to our various employers as a result of last week’s Austerity Budget. At this time, USGE can only say that we have been trying to get meetings with our employers and asking for clarification on the different budget items affecting our members, to no avail.

General communiqués from CSC and the RCMP were sent out to those employed by these departments, but the communiqués themselves lack any real information. We cannot help but feel that the Harper government has given the order to close ranks, transparency be damned! In fact, John Edmunds, USGE National President, did have a meeting scheduled today (April 2) with CSC, but this has been cancelled by this employer. Other departments are not responding to our requests for meetings.

At this time we can only reassure our members that we are working diligently to gather any information that is important to them. As well, as soon as we receive anything from our departments, we will post it on this website.

We want to thank our members for their patience during this trying, and uncertain, time.