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USJE members help make RCMP stables in Pakenham a world-class breeding facility

March 24, 2023

USJE is very proud of these members at the RCMP stables who perform a very unique function in the RCMP. We look forward to working with them in the future and to help make their workplace a healthy and safe one.

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RCMP Civilian Members to join Treasury Board strike votes

March 23, 2023

Negotiations to harmonize terms and conditions continue between Treasury Board and the bargaining team representing more than 1,000 RCMP Civilian Members. CMs are invited to join over 155,000 PSAC members currently taking strike votes. 

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USJE members threatened, invoke Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

March 22, 2023

Prior to the work refusal, USJE’s Regional Vice-President for Québec, Patrick Menard, reported circumstances at the worksite that presented a real and substantial risk for the health and/or safety of an employee. Unfortunately, the employer’s response to this reporting was unsatisfactory and no measures were taken to mitigate the risks or protect the USJE member. 

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USJE leaders meet with Indigenous members in Kingston to discuss systemic barriers in the Correctional Service

March 22, 2023

National President David Neufeld and Regional Vice-President Bill Bailey met with some USJE members of PSAC’s Indigenous Circle in Kingston. It is clear from many on the front lines of CSC that the recruitment of Indigenous staff needs to take into better account the lived experience and discrimination many Indigenous peoples have encountered for centuries.

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USJE supporting members faced with Board of Investigation inquiry in Saskatchewan

March 15, 2023

The events that took place in James Smith Cree Nation in September sent shockwaves across our union, and every corner of this country. Since this tragedy, USJE has endeavoured to ensure we offer ongoing support to USJE members who were affected, directly or indirectly, by virtue of their work in Corrections, the RCMP or the Parole Board of Canada.

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Greenwood-Gray Class Action: Public Servants excluded, Civilian Members may be eligible

March 13, 2023

The Greenwood-Gray Class Action, which has been certified by the Federal Court, relates to personal harassment and bullying of RCMP employees. When this class action was brought to the attention of USJE, we immediately began researching whether this was something that could assist our members in addressing this long-standing, deeply entrenched issue within RCMP culture.

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National Triennial Convention

Plans are in full swing for USJE’s upcoming Nineteenth Triennial National Convention in Whistler, BC from July 18-21, 2023.

Information for Civilian Members

The long process of converting Civilian Members of the RCMP to public servants continues and we are certain that you will have many questions about how this process will unfold over the coming months. Rest assured that we are working hard to gather as much information as we can so that we can help make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We will be updating this website with new information as we receive it.

Grievance Wording

For all grievances, regardless of the subject or issue, remember: Keep it simple and to the point. Do not add arguments...