USJE Leadership and Communications Team visit RCMP F Division and Depot in Regina

On March 14, National President David Neufeld, RVP Heather McKinnon and members of the USJE Communications Team visited F Division Headquarters and Depot in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Following a tour of the site, President Neufeld and RVP McKinnon met with Commanding Officer Rhonda Blackmore and Chief Superintendent Teddy Munro to discuss many topics of importance to USJE members. Among those were USJE’s RCMP campaign, recommendations from USJE’s DSA Report, the presumptive injury campaign, the classification of the RCMP’s public service employees and mental health support for members.

Both parties agreed on the importance of USJE’s RCMP Campaign, which aims to educate Canadians about the contributions our members make towards public safety with the RCMP. They also highlighted the uniqueness of DSAs.

In the afternoon, the USJE team toured Depot where they met members working in unique positions, like food services, leatherworking, store, tailoring, engineering, and library services. These niche roles help support the development of cadets at the beginning of their careers. Many thanks to Corporal Miles Hiebert, who delivered an extensive tour of the site along with some top-tier dad jokes. We also appreciate the work of Shelley Vendramin and Heidi Miller from RCMP HR for helping to facilitate visits throughout this tour of Saskatchewan sites.

USJE would like to thank Local 40008 Regina RCMP President Tyler Monteith and Vice President Kayla Genaille, and Local 40002 Regina RCMP Depot Division Shop Steward Ian Bowie for providing tours of their worksites. USJE would also like to thank the dozen members in F Division and Depot who shared their personal experiences as employees of the RCMP that will be part of USJE’s national RCMP campaign. Approved by the RCMP’s National Labour Relations team, the campaign aims to bring awareness about the unique roles and work done by our members. RCMP public servants and CMs can participate by reaching out to the USJE Communications team at

Upcoming schedule:

  • Winnipeg, April 23-25
  • Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton Alberta, May 7-9
  • British Columbia, July 22-27
  • Additional locations to be confirmed