RVP Andréanne Samson and Local President Sandy Berthelotte discuss presumptive injury concerns with MP Kristina Michaud

Regional Vice-President Andréanne Samson and Sandy Berthelotte, President of Local CLCC, met with Bloc Québécois MP Kristina Michaud in Ottawa on June 7 to discuss the importance of presumptive injury legislation that covers ALL trauma-injured workers. 

They discussed the fact that certain frontline employees, such as first responders, are presumed to be vulnerable to post traumatic stress injuries (PTSI) and are automatically eligible for Workers’ Compensation when their injuries are diagnosed. However, there are many employees who may be exposed to workplace trauma who are not included in presumptive injury definitions. These include USJE members working in the federal correctional system and those who provide crucial services to the RCMP.

USJE is currently lobbying the federal government to make changes to presumptive injury definitions so that our trauma-injured members may be covered by presumptive injury legislation.

Many thanks to MP Michaud for her time and concern.  We look forward to continuing the conversation.