USJE visits Community Investment Initiative recipients Turning Leaf in Winnipeg

On April 24, National President David Neufeld and Regional Vice Presidents Jeff Sandelli, Heather McKinnon, Shauna Ward and Kirk McIntosh visited Turning Leaf Community Support Services in Winnipeg, MB.

The delegation learned about Turning Leaf’s remarkable work supporting people who have confronted major barriers such as homelessness, addictions, discrimination, sexual exploitation, societal stigmas, lack of access to meaningful employment and/or resources, and behaviour that brings them into conflict with the law.

In 2022, USJE’s Community Investment Initiative invested $20,000 in Turning Leaf to purchase a truck for a new home-moving business. The delegation was delighted to see first-hand the impact this investment has made for Turning Leaf’s clientele and staff.

Do you volunteer with a community organization that would benefit from additional funding? Submit an application to USJE’s Community Investment Initiative.