Why are Civilian Members of the RCMP not receiving a salary increase?

On April 5, 2017, the RCMP Commissioner broadcast information confirming a Treasury Board approved pay package that will be provided only to regular members of the RCMP, and not to civilian members. It is PSAC/USGE’s position that RCMP civilian members should also receive their long expected pay package, without delay, and that the rationale that has been provided by the employer for withholding it is not defensible.

We are in the process of investigating and formulating an action plan to address this issue, and we encourage you to share with us any relevant information you may have on the subject, such as: history of previous pattern of pay packages, documentation detailing previous pay packages, particulars of previous announcements which created expectations on the part of Civilian Members that they would receive a pay increase, etc.

We encourage the CMs affected by the freezes triggered by previous applications for certification to read the detailed explanation previously offered by the PSAC/USGE. The operation of the certification and bargaining freezes is more complex and case specific than you might have been told by other unions or the employer. As always, PSAC/USGE is committed to providing thorough and accurate information and to taking the necessary time and actions in order to provide you with the best possible advice and support.