USJE members are automatically also members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. One of Canada’s largest unions, the PSAC is an umbrella union that serves as bargaining agent for a number of ‘Component’ Unions like the USJE, which are largely organized along Departmental lines.

Simply speaking, the USJE is the ‘expert’ when it comes to dealing with our members’ workplace issues. We know the ‘culture’ and the ‘players’ within the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada and Justice Canada — including all of its agencies and associated bodies.

USJE Local Officers, the National Executive and National Office staff provide direct workplace assistance on such matters as grievances, health and safety, labour-management consultation and local administration.

The PSAC, on the other hand, is the ‘expert’ when it comes to dealing with our ultimate employer — the Government of Canada. The PSAC is recognized by the government as the bargaining agent for USJE members. It stickhandles such demanding, expensive and time-consuming issues such as job security, pensions, pay equity and collective bargaining.

The PSAC provides the USJE with both strength-in-numbers and resources we could never hope to develop as a stand-alone union. Of course, as members of both unions, many USJE members are active participants in PSAC-led activities — from special conferences to bargaining teams, from political action to organizing.

The USJE and the PSAC are an unbeatable team. Each has a critical and necessary role to play. Together, they are stronger than the sum of their individual strengths.

As members of USJE and PSAC, we truly have the best of both worlds. The USJE provides the specific knowledge and familiarity needed to deal with the particular government Departments and Agencies that employ you. The PSAC has the resources and expertise to take on the larger federal public service issues that impact all USJE members, regardless of their specific job or workplace.