16th National Triennial Convention: Day 2

Today marked the true beginning of the USGE Convention. The day was split into two: the morning was dedicated to mandatory training for the delegates on Rules of Order. The training, ably provided by members of the National Executive and chaired by Sisters Elaine Ouimet and Pat Elliott, provided our members with a real-time event with a Q and A. This was a great opportunity for the old hands and newbies to get their feet wet before jumping into the business of Convention.

The afternoon saw a keynote presentation by Sister Robyn Benson, National President of the PSAC. Of note, Sister Benson addressed the issues currently facing all members of the Public Service, including upcoming collective bargaining with Treasury Board. The Treasury Board is is coming to the table with the opinion that PSEs are paid too much; need to be cleaned out by the use of their Performance Management Tools; and that sick leave should be replaced by disability insurance.

On the other end of the spectrum, the PSAC believes that, when the health and safety is taken care, there will be a marked improvement in employee wellness and performance.

Sister Benson ended her talk with a rallying call for all members to go out there and talk to all PSEs. We need to take control, to take risks and let the government know that we aren’t going to take it anymore. The Convention Hall stood and gave Sister Benson a well-deserved standing ovation. As one member stated, “Every time I hear you speak, it warms my heart.”

It’s expected that tomorrow, Wednesday, delegates will be focused on resolutions.