A message from Carol Osborne, USGE Regional Vice President, CSC Community – PBC (East)

Our USGE family has suffered a great loss with the unexpected passing of Sister Tanisha Pascal-Nelson. Tanisha was the Local President of Toronto CSC Community, Local 00079. Above all else Tanisha was an amazing person. To know Tanisha was to love and respect her.

It takes a person of great character to be an amazing mother, wife, colleague, friend and union advocate all at the same time. Tanisha had a huge heart and was always welcoming to anyone she met. She was always proud to share pictures and videos of her family and just as quick to genuinely ask and care how your family was doing, even if she hadn’t met them. In her time with the union as Local President, Tanisha become widely respected by her peers, union Sisters and Brothers, as well as by management. Tanisha was unyielding in her work for her members, often going above and beyond for them. Some of my most vivid memories of Tanisha will be the late night phone calls discussing many cases and situations.

Tanisha cared for everyone, so much so that she was always honest and upfront even when it was hard. She wouldn’t avoid the difficult conversations but delivered tough news with great care and respect. We will all miss Tanisha, she was truly one of our greatest Sisters; we will mourn our loss, but will celebrate and always remember all she has done for us and for our union.

Rest In Peace Sister.

We send our love and condolences to her family, especially her husband, Sean and their four children.