Alberta RCMP members speak out against proposed transition to provincial policing

USJE executive members and staff met with RCMP members in Alberta on February 10 (via Zoom) to discuss concerns around the possible transition from the RCMP to a provincial police force in that province.

If Premier Jason Kenney goes ahead with the transition, it could mean a major disruption in policing services for over 700 USJE members who work with the RCMP in the province, and the possibility of job losses.

National President David Neufeld invited members to share their thoughts and concerns so that the union can better understand the issues from the members’ perspective.

Members said they were worried about their pensions and whether replacement jobs would be offered at the same salaries, or whether they would have to leave the province for work elsewhere.

Other members raised concerns that the Province could use this exercise to cut jobs and services and that would negatively impact public safety.

Traffic Unit members raised a concern that the transition is already happening…RCMP traffic units are already being replaced by provincial sheriffs in some areas.

There was an overriding concern that members are being left completely in the dark about how a transition would take place and what would happen to their jobs.

The fightback campaign launched by USJE in January will be intensified over the coming weeks with the addition of social and paid media and canvassing in targeted communities.

You can show your support for our RCMP members in Alberta by adding your name to the letter-writing campaign on our website. Your letter will go to Premier Jason Kenney and your local MLA to let them know you want the RCMP to remain a protective force in the province.

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USJE RCMP members in Alberta work as Detachment Services Assistants, Traffic Services Assistants, Kennel staff, Lab Services staff, Court and Disclosure Support staff, and for Federal units such as Major Crimes, Alert, and Child Exploitation.

Premier Kenney is expected to make a final decision on the proposed transition sometime this Spring.