Behind the scenes at the RCMP – tell us about your work 

This year, USJE plans to showcase the work of USJE’s members at the RCMP, including civilian members, who are the operational backbone and play a crucial role in keeping Canadians safe.

USJE is reaching out to a broad range of USJE members who work for the RCMP—from Detachment Services Assistants to Program Managers to Investigation Assistants—about their work and how they became involved with the RCMP. USJE wants to bring attention to these members who often work behind the scenes in contributing to the safety and security of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Over the next few months, USJE representatives will be visiting RCMP sites across Canada to speak with members. National President, David Neufeld and Communications staff members, Sebastien Bezeau and Megan Yeadon will be at:

  • C Division Headquarters in Montreal, February 20-22
  • Southern Saskatchewan, March 12-15
  • Winnipeg, Brandon and Dauphin Manitoba, April 23-25
  • Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton Alberta, May 7-9
  • Additional locations to be confirmed

We’re looking for volunteers who are willing to share their stories on video, audio, or in an article with a profile photo. We’ll be asking questions like: 

  • How long have you worked for the RCMP? 
  • Why did you decide to work for the RCMP? 
  • What are the skills that help you excel in your role? 

Interviews will take about 5-15 minutes. USJE’s Research campaign has been approved by the RCMP’s National Labour Relations team.

Interviews will be posted to a special campaign website, and on USJE social media channels. No content will be posted publicly without written permission and final approval from each interviewee. 

To participate and set an interview time, please reach out to the USJE Communications team at