Closure of RCMP labs — WFA

As was recently mentioned in the media the RCMP has announced that they are closing the labs in Winnipeg and Regina by March 2014 and in Halifax by March 2015.

USGE members did not receive any letters as to their status. Letters should only be expected once the RCMP has had further discussions with the USGE National Office.

During cross-country meetings, USGE members were advised that smaller sites were being closed since this would mean a lesser impact to employee positions. Furthermore a new building is being proposed in the Vancouver area, more specifically in Surrey.

While the news was not good, USGE is happy that the Human Resources staff came to speak to our members; it became clear quite quickly that they are looking to work with us to guide our members through this difficult process.

USGE expects to be attending more detailed meetings where more concrete information can be received. We will continue to update members as soon as information is made available.