CSC decision on PO work description

The office of the CSC Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Operations and Programs, published a memorandum on the review of the Parole Officer work description. The memorandum announced that one work description reflecting the duties of a Parole Officer serving both the community and the institution was reviewed with an effective date of March 13, 2007. It also announced that the classification review of this work description determined that the position’s classification is maintained at its current WP-4 group and level.

As written in the most recent PO classification update posted on the USGE website, this unique and accurate work description for Parole Officers combined with a 21st century PO (WP) classification benchmark, should provide our PO members with a classification level truly reflective of the duties being performed.

How will USGE promote this lofty goal? The USGE National Office is currently working with the PSAC and Treasury Board on a review of the Occupational Group Structure (OGS). This OGS is essentially the structure that will dictate which classifications are in which bargaining units. This review should result in new classification standards reflecting the work that is actually performed as well as outline a process as to how parole officer positions will be converted to the new standard. At that time, should our members feel they are not properly classified or converted, they would again have the opportunity to file the appropriate grievances.

The USGE National Office continues to push forward in its attempts to ensure any new classification standards reflect the duties performed by our members. Being a part of the review process should put us in a position to make this a reality.