Day 8 – New strike pay top-up

Dear USJE members:

I want to thank all of USJE’s locals for their many efforts to support strike lines across this country. Your ongoing enthusiasm and commitment to respond to members’ inquiries and questions about the strike is also deeply appreciated.

I would like to inform you that USJE’s National Executive had a special meeting last evening and voted to approve a top-up pay that will be paid directly to USJE members who are on the strike line and are eligible for strike pay from the PSAC. These monies will be taken from USJE’s national reserves.

Effective today, April 26, USJE National Office will provide a $50 top up to the PSAC’s daily strike pay for those who are eligible for the strike pay. As stated, the monies will come out of the National reserves for a total allocation of $2,000,000.

We know that for many of USJE’s members, a national strike is disruptive and financially stressful. USJE takes seriously the hardship being experienced by our members and wants to do everything we can to assist at this time. Obviously, we are extremely hopeful that the federal government will demonstrate a willingness to bargain in good faith within the week and offer an agreement that will respect our members.

USJE and all of PSAC members have made it clear that fair compensation that keeps up with the cost of inflation is a top priority. So many federal public service employees went above and beyond in the pandemic and deserve to be recognized for their ongoing commitment to serving Canadians.

Even with the PSAC being at the bargaining table for the past two weeks, there is still work to be done. Strike action is truly our last but only recourse at this stage in order to reach a fair contract. Our members deserve a collective agreement that will not put them further behind and one that demonstrates respect and value for their work.

USJE is here with you every step of the way!

In Solidarity!

David Neufeld
National President