Divisional Roll-out of RCMP ASPR Project

Following discussions between RCMP Organization Classification and Federal Policing Officers, we now have deadline dates for the completion of the ASPR Project. Because the Federal Policing re-engineering project is currently at different stages of completion at the Divisional level, the following dates have been provided.

In addition to the Federal Policing positions, approximately 100 positions under Contract and Aboriginal Policing will also be reviewed. The focus of the review will be on positions providing administrative support to operational policing programs and services.

As in the Detachment Assistant Review, a number of desk audits will need to be carried out to ensure the work descriptions capture the duties being performed by our members. Management has agreed that USGE Divisional Representatives could choose the majority of these desk audits. There are other desk audits that management would choose because the duties of those positions may be less understood than others.

Members whose positions have been selected for a desk audit are encouraged to participate fully in these discussions so that the maximum benefits can be achieved.