Federal Opposition MP informed on USJE’s Presumptive Injury Campaign and other public safety personnel concerns

National President David Neufeld met with Conservative Member of Parliament Damien Kurek (Battle River-Crowfoot) on January 16th, regarding the important role that USJE members play in keeping Canadians safe. This meeting followed an event in December whereby USJE was invited to present to members of the Official Opposition regarding the tragic developments in Saskatchewan this past fall.   

In the meeting with Mr. Kurek, President Neufeld focused specifically on the upcoming USJE Presumptive Injury Campaign. USJE is actively connecting with federal members of Parliament across the country to seek their support in making crucial changes to federal legislation—the Government Employees Compensation Act (GECA) that would enable federal public safety and justice employees to access presumptive injury workplace compensation.

MP Kurek was very interested to learn more about the unique role that USJE members play in keeping Canadians safe. He shared some of his past experience sitting on the Public Safety and National Security Committee in Ottawa, and his interest in various federal Correctional facilities, including Drumheller Institution, where he has taken a tour. Like many Members of Parliament, there is a strong interest to see up close the work that takes place within federal penitentiaries, community parole offices and community correctional facilities. 

MP Kurek shared USJE’s commitment to increased investments in mental health for front-line public safety personnel and those who deal with traumatic situations/materials in their daily work.

Mr. Kurek also expressed his support for the reinstatement of the Community Correctional Liaison Office that was discussed at the December 1st caucus event.

USJE looks forward to connecting again with MP Kurek and members of all federal party caucuses in the future.

To this end, President Neufeld is scheduled to meet with the Official Opposition’s Public Safety Critic, Raquel Dancho, face-to-face in Winnipeg on January 25th, to speak further about the Presumptive Injury Campaign and provide first-hand insight into some of the public safety challenges USJE’s members encounter in their day to day work.

For more information on USJE’s Presumptive Injury Campaign go to ptsiatwork.ca