Federal Union to Highlight Investment in Turning Leaf Community Support Services in Winnipeg 

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Winnipeg, Manitoba – On April 24, a delegation of the Union of Safety and Justice Employees will be joining Turning Leaf Community Support Services. The purpose of the visit is for USJE leaders to learn more about this remarkable community organization with which USJE has partnered through its Community Investment Initiative program. 

Turning Leaf was selected by USJE as an outstanding and innovative organization that provides person-centered, customized support for low and high-risk vulnerable individuals. Turning Leaf’s philosophy is to offer marginalized people unconditional acceptance that empowers change. Their clientele includes people who have confronted major barriers such as homelessness, addictions, discrimination, sexual exploitation, societal stigmas, lack of access to meaningful employment and/or resources, and behaviour that brings them into conflict with the law.   

In 2022, USJE’s Community Investment Initiative invested $20,000 in Turning Leaf Community Support Services to purchase a truck for a new home-moving business that will be added to their bed-bug heat treatment service. The business will be part of Turning Leaf’s Social Enterprise Department Program, which battles poverty and facilitates mental health supports to low-income individuals who are employed to undertake valuable and impactful part-time work. 

Through this event, the USJE delegation and reporters will be able to learn about the services provided by the bus and speak with Turning Leaf staff. 


“When people move, they are moving into a new chapter of their lives. Our service helps vulnerable people play a part in the community and move to new chapters in their own lives.’ Antonio Trujillo Villon, Social Enterprise Manager, Turning Leaf

‘USJE members play pivotal roles in their communities when it comes to keeping Canadians safe. But safety goes well beyond addressing risks. USJE believes that we have a responsibility to contribute to innovative community programs that support children and their families. The Community Investment Initiative is our chance to support local leaders who are working hard to help make Canada a better and safer place for all.’ David Neufeld, USJE National President

Location: 565 Roseberry Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3H 0T3 

Date and time: 10:00 – 11:00 on April 24, 2024  

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USJE represents over 18,000 federal Public Safety and Justice employees from coast to coast to coast. Across 18 federal departments nationwide, USJE members actively protect the safety, privacy and security of Canadians as well as provide crucial access to information, justice and human rights. 

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