Former National President Awarded Honourary Membership

John Edmunds was awarded a USJE Honourary Membership during the recent National Executive Meeting held in Ottawa.  John will now benefit from all the rights and privileges attached to this honour.

John Edmunds’ history in USJE (formerly USGE) dates back to 1993. He held the positions of Section President, Local President, Regional Vice-President, National Vice President and the National President of USGE.  John served 3 full terms as the USGE National President from 2005 to 2014, in addition to stepping in during the absence of former National President, Lynn Ray. 

John assisted many members behind the scenes in dealing with difficult situations. In addition to his assertive style, his work behind the scenes was where he truly shined.  This sort of work and dedication often goes unnoticed but not by those he assisted.  John was a force of nature.

John was an elected officer for over 21 years.  Affectionately known as “The Plumber”, as this was his substantive position within the CSC, he played a major role in terms of management taking USJE issues far more seriously.  Today our union is stronger than ever, and in providing John with this honour, we are recognizing that John played a major role in laying that foundation.

John proactively and aggressively addressed membership issues and was proactive in getting some locals active once again; playing a large role in getting new members involved within our union. 

During his leadership, he spearheaded an impressive list of initiatives through National Joint Labour Management Committees such as the Advisory Committee on Community Staff Safety (now the Advisory Committee on Community Safety and Operations), which was implemented after Parole Officer, Louise Pargeter was murdered.  Also the National Parole Officer Streamlining Committee amongst others. 

John challenged the RCMP to prioritize the Detachment Assistants review. 

He fought against cuts to both within the RCMP and the CSC.  

There were constant attacks and degrading comments made against Public Service Employees working with the RCMP.  He promised to do everything in his power to ensure that Public Service Employees working for the RCMP received the dignity and respect they so rightfully deserve; to not have to work in a toxic environment.

And when the Federal Government closed 6 prison farms, he lead the campaign to Save the Farms.  John made presentations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety.

He played a fundamental role in mentoring some of the current USJE members elected to the National Executive.

Thanks to his assertive style and his impeccable flair, John worked tirelessly to assist members faced with difficult situations. This work and dedication are remembered fondly.

National President David Neufeld stated that “John Edmunds is a tireless advocate of workers’ rights and the strong foundations he laid over 20 years made our union stronger than it ever was.”