Info Pickets


During an info picket, we recommend that you:

Do not force your way through, or try to bypass, the line.

Info pickets are designed as a way for unions to share information with all members and other employees in a designated workplace. They are also designed to slow things down, so wait the designated time and do not force your way through, or try to bypass, the line.

Arrive at your usual time for work.

You cannot be disciplined for being late because you were held up by an info picket line nor is it reasonable for your supervisor to ask you to show up earlier than usual to compensate for any wait time in crossing the line.

Alert your supervisor if you will be delayed.

Keep the contact information of your supervisor handy to ensure that you can call if you are delayed at an info picket line.

Wait for your time to cross the information picket. If you feel unsafe crossing the line, ask for an escort.

If you feel it is unsafe to cross a picket line, ask your supervisor to come out and escort you across.

Follow the directions of managers on the line, unless you feel it is unsafe to do so.

If you feel a manager is asking you to do something unsafe, you have every right to say: “I cannot do that. I don’t feel safe following that direction”.

If you are driving, always stay with your car.

While it might be tempting to talk with your colleague a few cars up, or to even go out for coffee while you wait in the line, if you are not available to enter your work premises at your usual time, your supervisor might dock your pay.


Talk to your USJE union representative

USJE Members & Info Pickets Flyer (pdf)